Learning-Focused Culture

  • Develop learning-focused relationships with learners, enabling them to be active participants in the process of learning, sharing ownership and responsibility for learning.
  • Foster trust, respect and cooperation with and among learners so that they experience an environment in which it is safe to take risks.
  • Demonstrate high expectations for the learning outcomes of all learners, including for those learners with disabilities or learning support needs.
  • Manage the learning setting to ensure access to learning for all and to maximise learners’ physical, social, cultural and emotional safety.
  • Create an environment where learners can be confident in their identities, languages, cultures and abilities.
  • Develop an environment where the diversity and uniqueness of all learners are accepted and valued.
  • Meet relevant regulatory, statutory and professional requirements.


Classroom Management

In 2018, my focus on classroom management was building strong, positive relationships with each of my students and together, contributing to an environment where learners felt safe to be authentically themselves and share their ideas.

I feel that I succeeded in this mission in 2018, especially with my level three programming class. Genuine learner-led learning took place regularly, and I believe that the environment we fostered was key to that.

In 2019, my focus will move to promoting high expectations of student behaviour, work ethic, and participation.